Allison Stewart host of All Of It on WNYC

Director Michelle Esrick and Darrell Hammond speak with Allison Stewart, host of All Of It on WNYCC. (Interview begins at 34:07)

Leonard Lopate at Large

Director Michelle Esrick and Darrell Hammond meet with Lenard Lopate for a look behind the mask of one of the world’s preeminent impressionists.

"Cracked Up is a very powerful, great story. It certainly struck a chord with me" 
CNN, John Vause

“I think this movie is going to help a lot of people." 
- WNYC - All Of It, Allison Stewart

"Esrick said, 'It's Darrell's story, but it's a bigger story that we both wanted to tell" 

"Hammond's hero's journey of helping others is now well underway — a sign of his hard-won and ongoing healing"
Psychology Today

"Hammond and the film’s director, Michelle Esrick, hope the film will encourage more doctors to learn how to identify and treat trauma"
New York Post

"The bulk of the documentary concerns...weighty topics, but Hammond also reveals some nuggets about his comedy life, which, for a guy who was on SNL for 14 seasons, has gone curiously under-documented, until now"
New York Magazine - Vulture

"Esrick felt if people knew this was a biological issue it would lift the shame and the stigma. The film is really about the long-term effects of childhood trauma"
The Daily Beast

"I've been struck and remarkably impressed by director Michelle Esrick's powerful new film, Cracked Up"
David Tereshchuk, The Media Beat